Timber Treatment

N.G. Bell & Son is one of the leading independent suppliers to the construction. We specialise in pressure treated timber across Northern Ireland.

N.G.Bell & Sons has over 30 years of experience in the pressure-treating of timber with our on-site plant.  Timber is vulnerable to the effects of weather, fungal, and insect attacks when exposed to certain conditions; forcing preservatives into the timber under controlled high pressure can extend significantly the service life of properly treated timber. As part of our professional service, we offer treatment with a water-based preservative, AC5000 by Protim which provides effective long-term protection against fungal and insect attacks.

Our Timber Treatment process

The Protim® pressure treatment system is a tried and trusted method of preserving timber against fungal decay and insect attack for internal and external timbers in above-ground applications.

Professional building contractors and specifiers look to the Protim® brand to ensure a premium quality wood preservative that gives durability to pre-treated timber and peace of mind.

Unprotected wood can also be a source of food for fungi and certain species of insects such as Hylotrupes bajulus, otherwise known as the house longhorn beetle. Therefore it is essential that wood is pre-treated with Protim® preservatives to ensure protection against wood-boring insects and fungal decay throughout the service life of the project.

The Protim® Range

Protim® is an organic based preservation system for wood, pressure treated for use in construction projects that require protection to use hazard Class UC3, UC4 such as roof timbers, timber framing, internal and external joinery and other internal and external timber projects that are above dpc/ground level. When using Protim® in external applications it will need to be coated with a suitable external coating which will be maintained in service.

Our Standards

Use Classes are defined by British and European Standards, providing a guide to the risk of decay and insect attack to timber components, depending upon their end-use. The higher the Use Class, the higher the level of preservative protection required. SVW treat all our timbers to meet either Use Class 3 or 4.

   1 Internal building timbers with no risk of wetting or condensation.
   2 Internal building timbers with a risk of wetting or condensation.
   3 External building, fencing and landscaping timbers used out of ground contact.
   4 External building, fencing and landscaping timbers used in ground contact.