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Heta Greenfire 200 Wood Pellet Stove


Product Details

Heta Scan-Line Green 200 matches the wood-burning stove with a large window and a beautiful view to the flames.

It is now possible to choose a pellet stove with the wonderful design and view to the flames, as you know from wood-burning stoves. At the same time, the new Scan-Line Green 200 combines remote control with a capacity to heat 180 m2 of living space.

Scan-Line Green 200 looks like a wood-burning stove, gives the same experience and is available in so many variants, that it fits any type of decor and style. Steel, soapstone, sandstone and 42 different colors of ceramics.

The pleasant atmosphere from the fire behind the window is what makes us love to fire up our stove. Now, both the window and the view to the flames is much bigger that you usually see on pellet stoves, because HETAs new pellet stove has a unique combustion chamber. The Clean Burn technology ensures an efficiency on and impressive 97%.

The pellet tank stores up to 21 kg of pellets and makes it possible to refill with a whole 15 kg bag of pellets without worrying about overfilling. The operation itself is simple and comfortable. The pellet stove is easily turned on, off and regulated with the remote or by using the touch display mounted on the pellet stove.

Thanks to a special convection element, the Scan-Line Green 200 blows out hot air from 3,5 kW to 9,0 kW. That is enough heating capacity to heat 180 m2 of living space and – in some cases more, if the house is isolated according to the newest energy regulations.
Installation of the stove is quick and easy as the Scan-Line Green 200 has the same placement of tailpipes as a wood-burning stove: in heights of 30 cm, 44 cm and vertical from the top of the pellet stove.

By use of a subsequent purchase of the HETA Wifi module is it now possible easily to control your pellet stove with our app, HETA Remove. HETA Remove can be downloaded to IOS and Android and gives you the opportunity to control different features from your Smartphone, which makes Scan-Line Green the perfect solution for your summer cottage.

Dimensions (Height x Width x Depth) 1088 x 547 x 580mm. Weight 157kg in Standard Form. 91% Efficient. Heat Output 9kW. Range 3.5 - 9 kW